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Creative Commons license Seminar - Mental imagery-based brain-computer interfaces by Camille Jeunet [Jan. 29, 2021]


Camille Jeunet's seminar on Friday, January 29th given within the scope of the of the "ingeco" teaching module

Title: Mental imagery-based brain-computer interfaces: Learning how to use them, using them to learn.

Abstract: Mental Imagery-based Brain-Computer Interfaces (MI-BCIs) enable their users to interact with the environment using their brain activity alone, measured most of the time through electroencephalography (EEG), by performing mental tasks such as motor imagery. MI-BCIs are most promising to control applications such as video games and assistive technologies, but also to improve or restore cognitive and motor abilities. Unfortunately, they remain barely used due to their lack of reliability. In the first part of this seminar I will present the work that we lead to improve MI-BCI reliability, by helping users "learning how to use them". The second part of the talk will be dedicated to the use of MI-BCIs to deepen our understanding of the cognitive processes involved in interactive tasks, notably in virtual reality.  I  will  elaborate  on  the  fact  that  we  can  also  "use  MI-BCIs  to learn".

Tags: bci brain-computer interface eeg mental imagery




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