Séminaire Du Laboratoire Parole Et Langage (Jody Kreiman, "What Is Voice, And How Should We Meansure It ?" | 15 Mars 2019 [March 15, 2019]


Jody Kreiman





What is voice quality and how should we measure it?

This old question has been debated for decades, but still remains unanswered. In this talk I will argue that voice cannot be studied as a concatenation of separate research on production, acoustics, and perception, but must be considered as a single communicative process in which each piece interacts with and depends on the others. Then I will revisit our psychoacoustic model of voice quality, and present some current research from our lab applying this model to explore within-talker variation in voice and the links between voice production and perception.


Contact : Caterina Petrone

Tags:  laboratoire parole et langage lpl seminaire voice


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